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Pressure gauge (step) pressure regulating calibration bench

Application: It is applicable to the calibration and connection of any pressure instrument (0-25) MPa

It is applied to the pressure calibration of pointer pressure gauge, pressure sensor, differential pressure sensor, spring tube and pressure sensitive element, and is used for batch calibration, verification and connection expansion.

Applicable to:

With the use of the pressure workstation platform, a large-scale and wide-ranging pressure calibration system is built, which can control the output pressure with constant pressure and constant flow


Product overview:

The pressure gauge (step) calibration connection table is used together with the step controllable regulation function of the pressure setting device built-in on the pressure workstation platform. It can also be used alone with the pressure station and nitrogen bottle of the pressure source station (pressure workstation platform). It has one-way check effect and is not affected by the one-way check valve. At the same time, for the dirty and residual media of the tested gauge itself, the residual media will be discharged outside the calibration table during verification and calibration, It is a new type of pressure calibration table that ensures that the calibration table is always in a clean state, so as to solve the blockage problem, and also ensure that the calibration pressure instrument plays the role of voltage stabilization. It has the upper limit fixed value control output and step pressure limiting adjustment (according to the upper range of the tested meter), so as to ensure that there is no overpressure during calibration and avoid overpressure damaging the tested meter, so as to play the role of safety verification.


 Functional features:


Four gauge internal thread m20x1 Standard output of 5

Medium: air or nitrogen

Pressure range: (0-25) MPa

with control valve, low pressure fine tuning valve, pressure relief valve and step pressure regulator

Working capacity: four meters are output, and three pressure instruments can be verified at the same time

Service conditions: cooperate with pressure workstation platform or nitrogen cylinder

Control function: upper limit pressure control adjustment

Output pressure: output stable and constant pressure, and check the required pressure

Pressure limit display: visual control of upper limit pressure (digital pressure display)

Power supply: DC12V (built-in battery)

Charging conditions: direct charging with AC220V power supply with charging adapter

Standard interface: internal thread M20x1.5 five

stability: 0.01

Material selection: aluminum alloy

Surface treatment: silver and yellow sand blasting

Structure: Desktop

Size: 430mmx312mmx70mm

Weight (about): 3kg

Model: ZHK-JT-25

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