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压力工作站平台(-0.098-0)MPa (0-30)MPa





Pressure workstation platform

Origin of pressure workstation:

For any pressure measurement, pressure measurement requires a pressure source. This is similar to every household needs water. Where is the water? The water station is the source of water for every household. The pressure workstation is the source of pressure source (similar to the water station) that provides continuous pressure measurement, and the faucet (similar to the pressure gauge connected to the calibration table) controls the amount of water.

The pressure workstation platform is a gas station (gas source) that provides continuous pressure calibration

The pressure source is relatively simple. Users can choose the pressure pump of ZHKTEK or the pressure pump of other manufacturers as the pressure source.

The key part of providing pressure source is how to control the stable output of pressure, because the required stable pressure can be obtained only through high-performance pressure controller / regulator / calibration table. Zhktek's pressure workstation and pressure gauge are connected to the calibration table, which can provide a good choice.

Applicable object;

The generator integrates the working constant gas source for the verification and calibration of large-scale pressure gauge, the constant pressure and constant flow output gas source of the integrated automatic pressure controller / calibrator system, and the constant pressure and constant flow output gas source of the integrated high-precision pressure gauge verification and calibration system.

Product overview:

The pressure workstation platform takes vacuum station, air pressure station (low-pressure air pressure station, high-pressure air pressure station) and hydraulic station (water pressure station, oil pressure station) as the pressure source to obtain negative pressure vacuum, air pressure and hydraulic high pressure, and takes the volumetric tank as the automatic pressure generation and storage to maintain a constant pressure source. For the frequent batch verification of pressure gauges, the system saves time and labor compared with direct manual electric pressure, which greatly improves the pressure verification efficiency.

It is applicable to pressure gauge manufacturers, metrology (institutes), third-party testing institutions, factories, mines, enterprises and institutions. It is also an innovation of the new mode of pressure calibration.

Functional features:

The working medium is air

Built in electric air pressure pump, without pressurization of external air source, automatically generates venting or low pressure and medium pressure 18Mpa or high pressure 30MPa gas pressure

Built in gas storage tank with continuous gas transmission capacity on load

Gas pressure generated by compressed air of high-pressure air source

No overpressure, no dirt, no blocking, no filtration

There is no need to filter. After each calibration, the slag in the pipeline can be discharged automatically

Automatic gas storage and pressure rise speed is 3Mpa / min, and it can automatically rise to 30MPa within 10 minutes

The output boost speed is adjustable, with throttle valve and flow control output

It can be used together with the connecting table of pressure gauge and gas pressure reducer, and can be connected with other pressure calibration tables

The air source is one-way output to prevent reverse entry into other media and ensure that the workbench is always in the state of gas media

Specification and size: 550mm length x400mm width x900mm (height)

Weight (about): 40kg

Power AC220V, 50Hz, 750W

Model:  ZHK-6001 (- 0.098-0) MPa

ZHK-6108 (0-0.8)MPa

ZHK-6118 (0-18)MPa

ZHK-6130 (0-30MPa


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